RIP Borders: Did I Contribute To Their Demise?

I'm sad to hear that Borders is liquidating their assets and will be out of business by September.  One of my favorite pastimes is browsing their titles and drinking their teas. I must admit, I rarely buy anything outside of the tea.  The kids get their book from the library and I use my Kindle for purchases.

After going to lunch with my mom the other day, I headed over to Borders for my monthly retreat.  I planned to find a comfy chair in a corner and enjoy a few hours of solitude.  I arrived in the parking lot and couldn’t find parking for nearly five minutes.  The parking lot was foreshadowing of what was to come in the actual store.  The checkout line stretched to the back of the store, babies were screaming, associates continually yelled “next to line” and the café was nonexistent.  I didn’t understand the fascination. Most of the titles were only 10% off and when the books are an average of $25; that’s not my idea of a bargain.  I guess the company still doesn't get why they're going under in the first place.

After browsing for a bit, I headed over to the journal and accessories area to check out the writing tablets and pens.  I spotted a journal I liked but was against the $13 price tag (It wasn’t even hard cover).

My lack of Border purchases came down to the price.  Is it wrong that I used their cozy ambience, drank their tea, but then have the audacity to use another source to purchase books?  Most Amazon Kindle new releases are about $10, when you can’t find anything at that price at Borders.

I guess most people use Borders like me, as a relaxing hang out spot ONLY. Borders will surely be missed.  By the way, I snagged a journal at Target for half the price.

R.I.P Borders

Empty cafe