Women in Art

I visited the National Museum of Women in the Arts  yesterday. Here are some of my favorite pieces:

Les trois grâces (The Three Graces) by Niki de Saint Phalle is actually located right in front of the museum on New York Ave.  I love how this art celebrates the beauty of the female body.

Erase Discrimination

I took these pictures in the Guerrilla Girls exhibit. I didn't get the images I wanted because I wasn't even suppose to be taking pictures on that floor (bad mommy). Most of their work focused on the lack of minorities and women in major art shows and galleries.

Forgot to jot down the name of this artist. :-(  Does anyone know who painted this?

Amethyst Grove by Susan Swartz-Swartz is an environmentalist, so most of her work focuses on nature.

Petah Coyne's Untitled mixed media sculpture~made from wax, cloth and steel


Saved the best for last....

Margo Humphrey's depiction of The Last Supper: The Last Bar-B-Que. Humphrey is one of my favorite printmakers.

There were so many beautiful and thought provoking pieces at this museum. $10 well spent!