Random Thoughts

*It took me less than a week to get back in the "groove" after vacation...that's progress for MoKo!

*Simon is obsessed with business and making money, so I have him reading Russell Simmons' Do You!  I can't get him interested in anything outside of biz books and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but at least he doesn't fight me on vocabulary words anymore. #anotherprogress

*I need a Jenny Jones makeover. I'm tried of being bummy but I hate shopping and don't have the patience to twist my hair. *sigh*

*I'm crossing another city/state off my list next May. Woohoo! I'm probably more excited about seeing Portland than going to the conference. lol

*The Hubs will be home tonight. *doing The Cabbage Patch*

*Over a thousand cool peeps subscribed to my Youtube channel *doing the Tootsie Roll*

*Scandal is back. *doing a Gabby Douglas backflip*


What are your random thoughts?