Lately I've been getting a lot of spam mail in my personal AOL account. Don't laugh. I know I'm one of the last few with AOL but we go waaaay back. 


One of the latest messages was titled, "Tired of green tea? Try green COFFEE!"

Let's just say this spamming little weasel had me at green tea. *shaking my head*

I knew troy_southpik wasn't a friend of mine, but being the tea enthusiast that I am, I wanted to see what he had to say.  

He starts off by saying, "Long time no chat"

Umm, Troy, you play too much.

But wait it gets better...he then asks, "How are you and the kids?"  Huh? Who told you about #thesekids? lol

Then it happens....

"I found the solution to your flabby tummy problem."

Hol' up! Why you gotta call out my tummy, Troy?! You don't know me like that.


"I saw the solution on TV so it must be good."

At this point all his credibility was gone. TV is true? *side eye*

He tries to sell me on this green tea coffee for a couple more lines, then has the nerve, to end it with...

"K, Talk soon"

I really want to know how many people fall for this? I mean they would give up if no one did, right?

These spammers are funny.