Transferring Addiction

I don't know how scientific this is, but I get the feeling you're never really cured from addictions. We just simply transfer it to something else.  That something else can be good or bad.  

I'm hoping to transfer my addiction to something good.  

It feels funny saying I have an Internet addiction.  I mean how silly is that? It's fairly accurate, though. I can very easily spend all day and night surfing the net.  Checking my email constantly, watching Youtube videos, lurking on Twitter, and giggling at celebrity gossip on endless blogs and message boards.  

I'm really so tired of it all.

After getting my new library card several weeks ago, I've fallen back in love with reading hardcover books. I browse the library every few days with the family, and feel so thankful that this valuable free service is literally right next day to our new home (we don't officially move until this weekend). 

I'm hoping to transfer my Internet addiction to books. 

Who knows-maybe I will read 52 books next year (one a week) without much effort.  Achieving that goal will a lot better than the 1/3 of the number I read this year.

I started a board on Pinterest to track my progress.