Random Thoughts

*Hubby and I don't usually like the same movies.  He prefers Die Hard & Back to the Future and I'm more into Low Down Dirty Shame, Holes, Love Jones, and Dead Presidents.

We come together for King of Queens, Napoleon Dynamite & Coming to America, though.

*I don't expect much from people because I don't want them to expect much from me.

*Christmas is officially my least favorite holiday but I will try to "play nice" for the kiddies.  Hopefully, next year we can be on a nice trip during the holidays.

*I haven't had a good sleep in over two weeks-still getting adjusted to the new environment.  I don't miss my house as much as I thought I would....I do miss the silence, though.

*We're officially a board game family

*To know me is to love me-I have a problem maintaining friendships. Of all the people I've met in the last 5 years, only one person is still around.  All of my true friends are from high school.