33 Things I've Never Told You

I got this idea from Corbett Barr while reading his ebook.

I hope you enjoy the randomness. :-)

1. I never dated outside my race before my husband. I was actually against interracial relationships. When I started dating him it was weird at first (probably because of all the stares), but I got over it.

2. I really want to homeschool my children and travel the world with them.

3. I love tiny modern apartments with city views.

4. I plan to never buy another house or car. 

5. My youngest son is on the autism spectrum (high-functioning). He remembers specific details about everything but prefers not to be held or touched for too long.  When I was researching his disorder, I saw many parents don't allow their children to consume dairy.

6. I sometimes miss pizza with real cheese on it.

7. I wonder if my kids will resent some of the decisions I've make with their upbringing-vegan eating, no cable, not buying them a lot, etc.

8. I think mid-day naps should be mandatory for everyone.  The world would be a better place. :-)

9. Even though I had 2 children when I married my husband, I don't think I could date a man with children.

10. I'm addicted to the Internet and when I unplug, I sit for a few minutes and say, "now what?"  I recently installed Freedom, so I can actually get work done.

11. Up until very recently, I felt like I had to get approval before I did anything.  I took a few weeks "off" and decided that my happiness depends on doing what's best for me. No apoligizes from here on out.

12. No matter what she does, I will always love and admire Oprah because she convinced me to tell my parents about my sexual abuse.  My parents understood the importance of counseling and I attended sessions for six months.  When I got older, I realized our insurance didn't cover that expense and they had to pay out of pocket.  I'm thankful they had the resources.

13. I resent a lot of my maternal family because of how they respond to me about the abuse.  They tried to push it under the rug.  I have a feeling this is common in a lot of families.

14. I hope to never work for anyone else again.

15. I enjoy watching fashion and makeup tutorials on Youtube.  I admire women who can put outfits & makeup together effortlessly.

16. My dream is to be location-independent-Live and work for myself anywhere in the world using the Internet and video chat.

17. I know too much celebrity gossip and not enough world history.

18. I'm pretty insecure about my writing, and often feel I can't articulate words on paper the way I think them. This is one of the reasons I post on the blog daily-Practice!

19. I listen to a lot of ratchet music.  I used to be embarrassed but not so much anymore.

20. I can be snobby sometimes. Umm, I'm broke though. lol

21. I'm financially conservative but very liberal on social issues.

22. I yell a lot and talk too fast.

23. I don't buy a lot of physical things but I go overboard with digital items like Kindle books and iTunes.

24. Sometimes I want cable so I can watch OWN.  I keep hearing about Oprah's Master Class & Next Chapter.

25. One of the reasons, I got rid of cable is because I knew it would be harder for me to compete with relentless advertisers trying to sell my kids junk food and toys.  They do watch some shows online.

26. I've never smoked a cigarette and I didn't drink until I was 21-LAME lol

27. I am very nosey. In restaurants, I listen to multiple conversations at a time.  I rationale it by saying I need to be aware of what's going on around me.

28. I set my home page to Webster to help filter out some of the propaganda news stories. Plus, I learn a new word each day.

29. I have three younger siblings (close to my kids' ages) that I don't know very well.

30. It's very easy for me to form new friendships but very hard for me to maintain them.

31. Most of my closest friends are single and childless-I find that funny considering I'm married with three kids.

32. It's liberating to know that I don't need much to be happy.

33. I sometimes wonder if my unconventional methods will hurt my kids long-term.  Last week, Alvin asked if he could stay home and read all day. He literally stayed in bed and read all day.

You should do your own 33 Things.  When you do, send me a link, so I can read it. :-)

Thanks for reading!