YOLO-You Only Live Once

So last night while drinking red wine, hubby whispered to me that he had an idea for our summer vacation. Want my attention? Mention traveling. I immediately perked up.

A few months ago, we talked about going to Toronto for a week in July and camping in Great Falls with my parents, so I had no idea what else he was thinking.

Hubby: "Why don't we spend the summer traveling throughout the U.S.?"

Me: "Umm, what?!" *wide eyed*

Him: "I was talking to a client the other day who just came back from visiting family in Kansas City. I thought about how I've never been there and a lot of other places. I think we should do it. Life is just too short. I start working from home next week anyway, so I figured this would be the perfect time to do it."

I nodded...speechless, but tried not to get too excited. I thought maybe the wine was just talking.



What state will be start out at?

What about our mail?

What about packing?

Would the kids be able to handle being in the van that long?

Can we afford this?


I went online and searched KOA, state parks, etc, throughout the country to get an idea of lodging cost.

We have so much planning to do. I'm super excited and nervous.