I Must Be Getting Old...


...because like my mom, I don't like when movies are remade. I can handle remixed classic music (or flat out stolen-ala Kanye) but leave my movies alone.  My mom introduced me to Sparkle when I was about 16 and I've been in love ever since.

I have no desire to see the new Sparkle in the movie theater, but since my boo Derek Luke is playing Stix, I will catch it on Red Box.

I watched the original on Youtube last night.


 My favorite lines/scenes....


(1) Love this song & performance


(2) Announcer: "Some neighborhood kids got together and started a new group. So here they are without further ado...that sensational singing group-The Farts."

Stix: "The HARTS!" 

Announcer: "I..I mean The Harts"



(3) Sparkle: I ain't never been in a hotel room before."

     Stix: "We getting too big to be making love on the roof....besides it's getting too cold." lol



(4) Sparkle: Give you a chance? Wanna know something funny? When you first left, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to live without you. Yeah, I used to sit in this room and wondered if I would ever get through another second. Can you imagine a person so unhappy? To not know if they'd live through another second? I got through the second, Stix. Minutes, days, months, weeks. I'm doing fine without you. Just fine." 



(5) Mama: "He's just gonna drag you to the gutter with him."

     Sister: "The gutter? How can you say that? He's as big time as you can get."


The soundtrack is awesome and Sparkle & Stix's chemistry is fiyah!


Ms. Waters was too nosy, I wanted to fight Satin, and I hate how Sister did Levi. *sigh*




Are you planning to see the new Sparkle?