Being Intentional With Travel

"On paper, on purpose" -Dave Ramsey

I booked a flight to Denver, CO this morning.  I was suppose to book for Blogalicious in Vegas but I talked myself out of it. I couldn't justify paying $400 for the flight and $500 for a hotel, when I've been to Vegas three times already. 



Yes, I have travel issues.  

My budget is tight and there's too much of the world to see, so repeating trips isn't ideal for me.

Several months ago, I wrote a list of 5 cities/states I couldn't wait to visit and decided to make at least 3 of them happen within the next year.

So far, I've been to Boston, next month is CO, and we're shooting for New Orleans by the end of the year.


I really feel like writing it down helped manifest into getting it done.  

Also, the cheaper flight and no lodging expense (my sisters recently moved there) sealed the deal. :-)



What's on your travel list for the next year?