Just Finished "The Dream Giver"


Even though I was excited the other day about starting Necole Bitchie's first book club selection, I read the synopsis and changed my mind.  I really enjoyed The Alchemist but wasn't in the mood to read another parable.  My friend, Kim who is also in the book club, sent me a few emails telling me how great the book is.

I cracked open The Dream Giver last Saturday night.

The first half of the book is a parable and the rest offers strategies for dealing with naysayers and conquering fear.

The passage from the second part that resonated with me the most is...

I remember a woman telling me that she was afraid to go ahead with her Dream.  When she let the word unworthy slip, I said, "Are you waiting until you feel worthy so you can begin?"

"Yes," she said.

My reply startled her. "Well, you aren't worthy," I said. "And you will never feel worthy.  If you continue to wait until you feel worthy, you will never live your DREAM."

Wow! I've been wanting to start virtual cooking classes for at least 6 months and that feeling of not being worthy is why I hadn't started.

That quote was very helpful to me. Just do it!

Even though this book is only 150 pages, it took me over a week to read it.  I haven't decided if it was because I didn't like it, or if it's because it competed with a lot of the other library books on my shelf. 

I did find value in it...especially that last quote about feeling worthy.  I would recommend the book on that quote alone.


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