The Prisoner's Wife

Just Finished Reading: The Prisoner's Wife


The Prisoner's Wife is a true story about a young woman who meets and marries a convicted murderer while volunteering at a state prison.

Bandele has a very poetic style and this is most definitely a love story.  She doesn't go into great detail about her husband's case or his remorse (or lack of), but we do get a glimpse into the financial constraints, loneliness and judgement from family and friends that she deals with.

She and her husband didn't start dating until they knew each other for 2 years and connected over social and political issues.  They married during their 4th year-right there in the prison.

My only gripe is that Bandele gave her husband, Rashid this "perfect" persona throughout the book. I guess I can understand though because he helped her a lot with self-esteem issues and depression.

The book was written in 1999, so I wonder if they're still together.