reflecting on 2012

Reflecting on 2012 Part 1

Happy Black Woman did a post the other day about reflecting on the previous year to help jumpstart the new year. I answered the first five questions...

What is the most valuable lesson you learned this year? Time waits for no mom says this all the time, and this year proved it.  I spent most of the year dealing with fear, depression, bitterness and jealousy.  I could have spent more quality time with my husband and children and starting a business....not laying in bed.

What was the biggest milestone you reached in your relationships, health, finances, education and/or lifestyle? Towards the end of 2012, I read more than I had in a while- thanks to an awesome library down the street from us.  We also moved into a much smaller place closer to my parents and civilization(lol). It was a hard decision but I feel much happier with the move.  I decided to divert most of my mindless web surfing to reading more for pleasure and education. I also maintained a plant-based diet for the year (expect during my setback in December) Unfortunately, I didn't notice much improvement in my finances and personal relationships. I didn't save any money and pushed away most of the people interested in forming a friendship.

What professional accomplishments were you most proud of this year. I started my Youtube cooking channel.  I was sooo nervous to do it. I set a goal of 1,000 subscribers by the end of 2012 and ended up with over 1,500 subbies. Crazy! :-) I also upgraded my camera, purchased a microphone and took more care in editing my videos in a format that's comfortable for me.

What was your favorite family/friends moment from 2012? I had such an awesome time recording vlogs with my family this year.  In a few years it will be priceless to look back on this footage with my hubby and kids. We hiked in Kentucky and Eric and I experienced Boston together for the 1st time.

What was the best book/song/movie/restaurant/city/country, etc you discovered this year? I experienced breathtaking Denver during my birthday.  I'm so thankful for those beautiful mountains and didn't even mind the chilly weather at night. I wish I took more pictures and video!

I watched tons of Scandal and loved several Youtube webiseries.

I also discovered Bernice McFadden, fell in love with her writing style, and devoured two of her books.  

I listened to a lot of Pandora...Nora Jones, Corinne Bailey Rae, Lauryn Hill, ratchet songs, and 70s music on Youtube-it kept me sane through many moments of uncertainty.


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I really need to do this lol

Part 2 of reflecting on 2012 coming next week