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In the Vision Board Zone

After reading a few articles, I'm ready to get started.  I have hot tea on the night stand, lots of clippings scattered on the board and Flo Rida's Good Feeling playing for inspiration.

I love this video! First of all, let me say that I didn't realize artists still made music videos. I thought that went out with TRL and buying CDs from Sam Goody. lol.  Anyhoo...

In the video, Flo is doing a lot of the same things I want for my own life....

Traveling. Inspiring. Entertaining. Meeting people. Embracing new experiences & opportunities. Having fun. Fitness. The list goes on and on...over 4 minutes of pure motivation.

I came across several articles and videos with information on how the vision board is suppose to work.  I'm taking it a bit further by planning my daily schedule around some of the items listed on my board. This method should help me take some baby steps to getting where I want to be. 

My old vision board (a white dry erase board) is now my new daily schedule board. I'm so old school and electronic daily schedulers don't work well for me.

Now it's time to organize this board.

Some of the articles I read:

Make a Vision Board

6 Ways to Create A Vision Board That Works

Subtle Tricks to Build An Effective Vision Board

How's your Friday?  I hope all is well. :-)

Vision Board

I updated my vision board again, and now I want to figure out how to make it happen. I moved it from my nightstand to the wall directly across from my bed. It's the first thing I see when I open my eyes in the morning.

I'm thinking each night I need to write my schedule for the next day and look to my board for inspiration. Hopefully, this will get those baby steps in place to achieve my goals that much faster.


Do you have a vision board? What steps are you taking to make it happen?  I appreciate the feedback. :-)