Just Some Pics....


The food at this place is horrible & has the nerve to be overpriced. #NEVERagain

On a positive note...the service was excellent.


Cats kind-of scare me. lol I've been spending time at my mom-in-law's and her cat took a liking to me all of a sudden. The way he stares at me makes me nervous.

Alvin after playing in soapy water #thesekids


I love cooking, sipping wine, and chatting with Lisa. She's so amazing! I learn something new (and wonderful) every time we get together.


Did I mention sipping wine?

When the Kids Are Away.....

.....we eat and look at books.


It was all about the guacamole at this restaurant.

Too bad I couldn't drink a margarita. I forgot to renew my license. Oops! I will have to do that ASAP before we go on vacation next month.




I couldn't stop laughing at this Ramen Noodle cookbook. There was even a recipe for ramen dinner pancakes in there.


We also ran to Whole Check for blackberry Izze & fruit

I never do all of my shopping at Whole Check-I just like grabbing snacks from there-too expensive for me. lol


Good times!