Random Thoughts

*I'm bad at remembering names and birthdays.

*Naps make the world better...everyone should take a 20 min one daily.

*I wish I could use copyright music on my Youtube channel. I have plenty of songs that would be awesome.

*I could watch King of Queens every day.  As a matter of fact, I'm about to watch a few episodes right now. :-)

*I only miss cable on Sundays because Own has all the good shows on. *le sigh*

Internet Explorer is Still Around? Oh.

I like their new commercial, though.  Anything that takes me back to 80s and 90s with movies, toys, TV shows, snacks, and books gets the thumbs up. #nostalgia  The 80s and 90s can keep the hairstyles and fashion though.  Ain't nobody got time for asymmetrical haircuts and Cross Colours. lol


Random Thoughts

*I like to hear "Young Chop on the beat" #tracks #ratchetmusic

*I always want to know what people are reading. #collectingtitles

*Despite all of the trials of tribulations of the last few years, I finally live my ideal life-minus the money part.

*People assume I'm a health nut and work out a lot because I have a plant-based lifestyle.  At the moment, I don't even have a workout schedule.  Labels can be so annoying.

*In 3rd grade I thought the song was "Blame It On Lorraine" not "Blame It On the Rain" #lawd

I still mess up song lyrics. #truestory