A Candid Conversation with Vegan Cooking with Love (Michelle Johnson) #8

Michelle is one of my best friends, so it only made sense that we would get together and talk vegan life and food on my latest podcast episode.


I have to tell you that I was sooo nervous to record with Michelle because we tend to have like 80 convos going at the same time and I wasn't sure if people would be able to keep up. lol

I listened to the convo back and think we did a great job of keeping it together. We talk about dealing with family after transitioning to vegan eating, how to eat out, why being a vegan isn't a life of perfection and why vegan meals isn't "space" food.

Notable Quotes from Michelle:

"This diet can be as easy or complicated as you make it."

"There's no need to claim anything (vegan title). Eat in a way that make you feel good from a moral perspective."

"Whatever little bit you do makes a difference."

Our talk is pretty lengthy (but awesome!), so I just typed up a time stamp if you feel like fast forwarding some of the conversation.

Good times with my boo, Michelle!



Time stamp:

10 mins - Is being vegan for health reasons enough?

18 mins - Why you don't have to shop at expensive stores to be vegan

22 mins - Why it's so important to replace ingredients when you start a vegan journey

24 mins - Tips on getting started on a vegan journey & why "all or nothing" shouldn't apply

34 mins - Good vegan books & documentaries

37 mins - Why free-range animal products aren't a good idea

41 mins - Why vegan food isn't "space" food

46 mins - What positive/negative changes did you not expect when you changed your lifestyle

49 mins - "I love my pet but I eat meat" The disconnect discussion

53 mins - Why the food industry doesn't care about you

1:06 mins - Being served non-vegan food at a restaurant-eat it or toss it?

1:13 mins - How to eat vegan while out

Check out Michelle's site

Her YouTube

Social media: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

Products mentioned in this episode:

Gardein-to replace chicken

So Delicious

Daiya vegan cheese

People mentioned in this episode:

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Video with my friend Lisa

Stella McCartney

Books mentioned in this episode:

How to Be Vegan by Elizabeth Castoria

Diet for A New America by John Robbins

By Any Greens Necessary by Tracye McQuirter

Sistah Vegan by Breeze Harper

Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman

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