#86 21-Day Juice Fast, Self- Love & Celibacy with Queenetta Moore


It was great to have finally have Queenie on the show!

Listen here…

In this episode we chat about:

  • How a vegan lifestyle has changed her life for the better.

  • Practical tips on how to do a successful 21-day juice cleanse & the spiritual benefits.

  • Why she is celibate, even though she’s been in a relationship for over two years.

  • Her journey to self-love

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#85 Plant-Based & NOT Starving | A Conversation Xav Handfield—the Plant Based Brotha


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We chat about:

  • Why he started his plant-based journey back in the early 2000s (he was only 12!)

  • How Xav is able to stay plant-based with a busy work schedule.

  • Some of Xav’s favorite meals (he loves to cook & entertain).

  • Why he’s plant-based and NOT vegan

  • How Xav is able to stay satisfied with plant-based eating (no starving over here!).

  • Xav shares tips on how black men can start their own plant-based journey.

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Dr Errol Bryce

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Beyond Meat

Yard House

Busboys & Poets

Earth Balance vegan margarine

What the Health? (also available on Netflix)

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#84 Why Black Women Should Go Vegan with Letitia of Peace of Food


Letitia is a certified holistic health coach, and it was so nice to chat with her about her journey to wellness.

Listen here…

We chat about:

  • How to be a social vegan

  • What’s holding black women back from going vegan and what we can do about it.

  • Does animal rights have a place in black veganism?

  • How to be vegan and keep your curves

  • How to stay on track as vegan and the importance of being clear about your why.

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#83 Here’s Why You Should Go Vegan with Your Kids - A Conversation with Dr. Ruby Thomas


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Dr. Ruby Thomas is a board-certified pediatrician in Atlanta, GA. Since so many people experience pushback from family and friends about whether or not veganism is safe for kids, it was great to have Dr. Ruby on the show to share practical advice for families.

In this episode, we chat about:

  • Why it’s okay for kids to be vegan

  • How to get small children and teenagers on board

  • Her family’s easy go-to meals

  • Being a social vegan with kids (school parties & family events)

  • How she made vegan formula right at home for her children and store-bought options that are available.

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