#35 2 Key Steps You Must Take If You Want to Be A Vegan

Before you think about meal planning, grocery shopping and eating out as a new vegan, there are 2 key steps you must take to start your journey.

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Skinny Bitch - book that motivated me to become a vegetarian

Sistah Vegan - book that motivated me to become a vegan 


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#34 How to Be Vegan During the Holidays | A Conversation with Tracye McQuirter


The holidays are coming, so I had to invite Tracye McQuirter on the podcast to talk about how to navigate a vegan lifestyle during this season.

Tracye is a 30-year vegan, national best-selling author, public health nutritionist, international speaker, and vegan trailblazer. She was named a national food hero changing the way America eats for the better by Vegetarian Times, and her national best-seller, By Any Greens Necessary, was the number one recommended vegan book on The Huffington Post. For 25 years, she's been teaching people throughout the United States and abroad how and why to go vegan for better health. She's been featured in more than 100 media outlets, including CBS News, Fox News, The Huffington Post, and The Washington Post. Tracye has a master's degree in public health nutrition from New York University.

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Her tips:

  • Be gentle with yourself and others - RELAX!
  • Never talk about veganism at the Thanksgiving dinner table
  • Bring enough food for yourself and others
  • It's okay not to eat traditional Thanksgiving meals...even though you sure can do that! 


Notable Quote from Tracye: "Liberate your mind and your mouth will follow."


Other topics we chatted about:

  • The importance of determining your why when you're going vegan
  • Why community is essential to a long-term vegan life
  • How veganism is a black movement


How to Reach Tracye:

Buy her book




Resources mentioned:

Meetup.com - to find vegans in your area

Sistah Vegan book

Natives Cafe


Daiya cheese


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#33 How to Put Together Your Vegan Meals & Still Get Protein

I answered this question several months ago in this blog post but wanted to put in with a podcast episode because it's so important.

How in the heck do you plan meals without meat being the center of the meal?

Some people think you can only get protein from chicken, beef, fish, eggs, etc. but this isn't the case at all. There are sooo many plant-based options that can easily replace the meat on your plate.

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The best way to approach vegan life when you're getting started is to think about what you're already eating and how you can make a vegan version of that meal.

In this episode, I used vegan fried chicken, taco salad and chili as examples of how this would look.

Try not to overthink your meal planning, be gentle with yourself and I promise it will get easier once you're consistent.

Resources mentioned:

Vegan fried chicken recipe

Gardein Vegan chicken patties

Mac & cheese recipe

Walnut taco salad recipe

Chili recipe

Options for vegan crumble for the chili - Beyond Meat & Gardein 

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#32 Vegan Celebrities, Picky Eaters and How Jenné Found Her Purpose When She Became A Vegan

It was a pleasure having Jenné of Sweet Potato Soul on the show to talk about her transition to vegan life.

We discuss:

  • How she decided to became a vegan after working in a vegetarian restaurant around ethical vegans
  • Why meat alternatives are helpful when you're transitioning to a vegan life 
  • Some of her favorite food/meals
  • Whether or not celebrity vegans help or cause more confusion in the vegan movement
  • How to help your picky eaters
  • Why she credits finding her purpose from going vegan

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How to reach Jenné:





"Food affects you on so many levels - it heals you or destroys you."

"I will legit bring my own cake to events!" 


Resources Mentioned:

Peace Food Cafe in NYC

Veganist book

Vegucated documentary

Soul Veg restaurant in ATL

Beyond Meat & Gardein vegan chicken

Field Roast vegan products

Ezekiel sprouted bread

Beyonce's vegan delivery service

Good Karma Diet by Victoria Moran



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