#39 What Does A Vegan Breakfast Look Like? + Tips & Recipes

Breakfast is the perfect area to get started on a vegan journey! Meal planning isn't as overwhelming as you can easily switch out ingredients to make them vegan. In this podcast episode I talk about what a vegan breakfast looks like and how to plan it.

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Tips from the episode:

Put breakfast on autopilot - Try not to overthink breakfast

Plan 1-2 breakfast meals a week - You can start with oatmeal, pancakes, smoothies and bagels

Replace your non-vegan ingredients with vegan options - You can even eat vegan scrambled eggs using Follow Your Heart vegan egg and by making tofu scramble.

Check out this blog post with many vegan breakfast recipes


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#38 Running A Vegan Restaurant | A Conversation with Jamel of The Veg

Vegan and business talk together? Yes ma'am! 2 of my fave topics :-) 

In the latest podcast episode, I chat with Jamel of The Veg about his gradual transition to vegan life and why and how he started his own vegan restaurant. 

Listen here....

Reach out to Jamel:





Resources mentioned:

Vegan A Go Go book- helped Jamel transition from cheese 

Ayinde Howell - helped Jamel develop the lobster recipe using heart of palm 

Learn more about jackfruit here


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#37 Are My Kids Vegan? + Tips on How to Get Started On A Vegan Journey with Kids

A few weeks ago someone asked whether or not my 3 sons (14, 12, 11) are vegans.
Even though my kids eat vegan meals at home....they are not vegans. 

Does this surprise you?

It sure surprised the lady who asked that question.

In my latest podcast episode, I talk about why my kids aren't vegan and share some tips on how to eat more vegan meals with your own kids.

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As always, it's so important to do what works best for your family situation. It doesn't have to be all or nothing to get started on a vegan journey.

Do your best every. single. day. and I promise it will get easier...even with picky kids (and spouses lol).


  • Add a daily green smoothie to your kids' diet
  • Start by transitioning to vegan breakfast & snacks I wrote a blog post with recipes and tips for vegan breakfast here
  • Get the kids involved in meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking
  • Keep calm - A balanced lifestyle will make for a long-term vegan life 


Have your already started a vegan journey with your own kids? Share your experiences and tips in the comments below.

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#36 Tips on How to Go Vegan This Year

Since I know many of us are thinking about our goals for work, health and life during this time of year, I want to give you some specific strategies on how to start your vegan journey in the new year. 

In the latest podcast, I give you 11 tips on how to do just that.

Listen here.....

Here's a quick recap of those 11 tips from the episode: 
*Determine your why
*Make the decision to go vegan
*Always be ready, so you don't have to get ready when it comes to meal planning, eating out, etc.
*Don't restrict yourself more than you have to
*Take time to get comfortable in the kitchen
*Find a supportive community
*Explore your grocery store/farmer's market in a new way
*Make a vegan version of your favorite dishes
*Realize that it doesn't have to be all or nothing
*Focus on what you can eat and not what you "can't eat"
*Progress over perfection -- always!

I wrote a more detailed posted on this topic here

Resources mentioned:

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