Get the help you need to make going vegan a reality!

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Zero To Vegan

Are you tired of "going vegan" for a week then back to BBQ chicken because you have no idea what to eat?

Zero to Vegan will give you the step-by-step strategies to finally stop doing that!


Why Zero to Vegan:


You are overwhelmed and need all the information and support in one place. 

Ain't nobody got time to Google everything!


You're not sure what to eat, how to read ingredient labels and don't even get me started on meal planning.

You want to live your best life through healthier and compassionate eating.

Zero to Vegan will give you the confidence and foundation to move forward with a vegan journey.

If you keep going back and forth with the idea of going vegan, Zero to Vegan is the perfect solution for you. You need a down-t0-earth approach to show you that this life is meant for you!

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When I say I love this course...I love this course!! You have everything laid out in one location. I love that it’s a self-paced course. I didn’t feel overwhelmed. The material is very easy to follow. I believe this is the best investment I could of ever made for my health. Thanks so much, Monique!!!
— Jessica Spencer

What you’ll Receive:

  • 60-min introductory video training

  • 14 days of audio with strategies to keep you encouraged and accountable (full list of audio topics below)

  • 30-page workbook with strategies and writing prompts

  • 14 day full vegan meal plan - includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options

  • Ingredient replacement guide (you will learn how to replace ingredients such as milk, ice cream, cheese, eggs, honey, beef, chicken, etc. with plant-based options).

  • Sample Grocery List includes proteins, egg replacements, grains, condiments, etc.

  • Full list of Pantry & Spices Staples

  • Private Facebook group to get support from other participants

  • Lifetime access to course content and all future updates




What you can expect once you finish the course:

  • Confidence to begin a delicious, compassionate and simple vegan life.

  • Confidence in meal planning, grocery shopping and being a social vegan.

  • You will be empowered to experiment with new ingredients and recipes.

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“My experience with Monique was wonderful. The strategies she provided not only saved me time but also money. Thank you Monique for being you and for your passion for helping a wannabe vegan.”
— K. McLeod

No more feeling like a failure! Get all the the tools and support you need to finally start a simple, delicious and compassionate vegan life.


This course is completely virtual and you will have your own log-in to work on all of the content.

Also, you have lifetime access and will receive all updates at no additional cost.

Click the video below for a peek at the full course layout...



Get accountability and support in our private Facebook group & monthly live group calls.

Here's what one of our participants said in the Facebook group:

List of audio lessons included:

Day 1 Welcome & What to Expect

Day 2 What is a vegan and What Can I Eat?

Day 3 What is Your Why?

Day 4 Let's Debunk Myths About Being Vegan

Day 5 3 Steps to Success

Day 6 How to Replace Animal Products with Healthier and Compassionate Options

Day 7 What About My Vegan Kitchen? Equipment, Pantry & Fridge

Day 8 Unfamiliar Vegan Ingredients and How to Cook Them

Day 9 How to Vegan Meal Plan

Day 10 How to Read Ingredient Labels

Day 11 How to Get Comfortable in the Kitchen & Save Time

Day 12 How to Be A Social Vegan (eating out & family events)

Day 13 How to Handle Food Cravings

Day 14 Dealing with Criticism from Family, Friends & Randoms

You will also receive a 30-page workbook with a detailed breakdown of the strategies, work prompts, and resources. 

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I was so empowered and motivated by my experience with Monique. She consulted with me on the specific challenges I am facing when it comes to becoming 100% vegan. Monique is warm, friendly, and genuinely a nice person.”
— R. Phillips


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I've been on a vegan journey with my family for nine years, so I know how delicious and long-term this lifestyle can be.

This is the time to get the foundation to start a vegan journey.

Zero to Vegan is perfect for you! Claim your spot to get the foundation, confidence and accountability you need to move forward.
-Monique Koch,

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ What happens after I complete my purchase?

You can receive a confirmation email with details about how to access the course and a link to the private Facebook group.

+ How is the course taught?

Everything is right online! You will receive your own log-in to access the video & audio training, meal plan and workbook. Any questions you have can be answered in the private Facebook group.

+ How long will it take me to complete the course?

All of the content is self-paced, so start and finish based on your own schedule.

+ How long will I have access to the course & Facebook group?

You will have lifetime access and receive any updates made going forward.

+ If I'm already a vegan, will this course help me?

Maybe. This course is designed for new vegans and people who are struggling with staying consistent. If you fit into that 2nd category, this course is right for you!

+ Have more questions?

Send a message to