Disney Day #7

After having an exhausting day at the parks, we decided to relax and pack for our flight tomorrow.

Watched some mindless TV

We also played a few games to pass the time.

The Hubs suggested that we go on a date for our last night in Orlando.  Since he's a history buff, I wasn't surprised when he chose Medievel Times.  My first thought was the scene from Cable Guy.  LOL

I was relieved when I saw online that Medievel Times offered a vegetarian menu.  I actually think my meal was vegan-Yes!

Veggie skewer, hummus and pita chips, and a rice and bean blend with raisins

The show was pretty decent and I loved how they made sure the audience was involved throughout the performance.  We will definitely take the kids to the DC area location in the future.

We headed back over to Fun Spot after dinner to see the bungee jumpers and get on a few rides.