Disney Day #6

Day 6 was very busy because we decided to visit TWO parks.  The sun was shining brightly and I started sweating as soon as we boarded the tram to Epcot.  I have to say that Epcot was my FAVORITE park of them all.  The various "visits" to many countries, the authentic performances and ummm BEER. LOL

I've never been much of a beer drinker (I prefer a glass of Merlot, thank you) but the beer in "Germany" was crisp and smooth.

The Hubs feeling "at home" at the beer stand.  Our last name isn't KOCH for nothing :-)

Having a margarita in "Mexico"

My bestie wants us to visit Morocco to celebrate her 30th birthday! I had to get some shots for her.


It just wouldn't be a fun day without Simon dancing.  We had a great time exploring the Japanese store and The Hubs picked up some cool chopsticks there.

After a few drinks, this scene was inevitable.

Hollywood Studios....

The Hubs and Alvin were in heaven with the Star Wars and Indiana Jones attractions.

Veggie burgers for dinner-I actually wish we ate at Epcot.  The Hubs lost his phone soon after this meal.  :-(

Hollywood Studios also had this awesome area with replicas of major American cities.

Overall, this park was my least favorite.  I couldn't understand why the park closed at 10 but most of the attractions were closed off at 6:30 or 7?  The kids wanted to see Toy Story but the wait was a whooping 90 MINUTES. Yikes!

Anyway, the kids seemed to enjoy themselves and that's truly all that matters.