Summer Adventures

With the new season starting (my favorite of the year), I've decided to jot down some things I need to start/complete.  I really don't like the sound of "goals" because it feels so restrictive to me; so I will call it my Summer Adventures.

*Start the daycare business again-fill 3 spots

*Remove cable/TV from our bedroom

*Backup the thousands of pictures on my Mac to an online service

*Wake up at 6 each morning for a run/jog

*MAJOR plunge in the master bedroom closet-removing most clothing, shoes and hangers

*Book a flight for later this year/early next year

*Hire a tutor for Simon-His grades are good but there are some areas that we feel he needs extra help in

*Peruse an art history book-Yes! I already have one in mind

*Read a geography textbook-book must focus on religion and culture of societies all over the world

*Register for two fall classes