My Favorite Show Right Now....

Kerry Washington's SCANDAL!


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You gotta love modern technology. We don't have cable but I get to watch with limited commercials on

What I love?

The storyline- Before watching, I heard Kerry Washington was having an affair with the President. I was immediately turned off.  I was annoyed-a Black woman is leading a prime time show (that isn't the stereotypical reality show format) and then turn they around and discredit her morally. 

I got over it and was immediately drawn in during the first episode. It wasn't some one night stand talk show mess-they genuinely love each other and the First Lady is fully aware of this fact. I laugh as I type this-I just made an extramarital affair look okay. lol Anyway, that is more of a sub-plot and each episode features Washington's real work-cleaning up the scandals of DC politicians,  socialites, etc.

The clothes- I'm not a fashionista but I love how Washington's character is dressed for the show. Simple, elegant, classy :-)

Columbus Short- Sexy, intelligent *sigh*

The music- they play a lot of classic R&B and rock-Oh yeah!

Abby- She just says what the hell she wants and I live for that. lol

The chemistry- Strong many personalities and mystery surrounding each of them. I can't wait to see how Rhimes unfolds each character.

Did I say Columbus Short? :-)

I haven't watched Grey's Anatomy since they put George and Izzy together, and Private Practice was a snooze fest after season 1. Shonda Rhimes gets two thumbs way up for her latest effort.