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NOT Feeling Scandal Season 2

*le sigh* I thought it was just because I didn't like the "One for the Dog" episode, but now I realize the show has fallen off to me.

Last season, I remember logging off Twitter on Thursday nights to avoid spoilers, and impatiently waiting for to upload the latest episode. I still watch on Fridays but there isn't a sense of urgency anymore.

Why it doesn't feel the same....


*Olivia & Fitz? Blah! Fritz is a privileged bully and I'm mad Olivia put herself on the line for him.  I hate that he makes her look weak. I started side-eyeing Fitz when he kidnapped Olivia and took her the woods. The way he harassed her on that elevator was the last straw for me.  I want them to break up. Yeah, I said it!


*I miss the agency solving damn cases.  I preferred it much more when the Fitz & Olivia affair was a subplot. I love the cases and how the agency comes together to "fix" everything. Oh, and all the awesome background music while they work is everything. *sigh*


*I don't get to look at Columbus Short for more than 30 seconds each episode.  Liv gave Harrision more responsibility but now he just sits at his desk twirling his thumb while she's running around after Fitz.  These writers play too much. I need Columbus on my screen!

*Umm, let's cancel Edison....Liv ain't feeling you, boo. I'm tried of you being all up in her apt acting thirsty. Go away!

I realize Rhimes is giving us some background on how Olivia, Fitz, and the agency got to this point, but I want the old format back. *tears*

I find AfterBuzz TV's Scandal commentary far more entertaining that the actual show. #YeShrug


All gifs taken from Scandal Moments

My Favorite Show Right Now....

Kerry Washington's SCANDAL!


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You gotta love modern technology. We don't have cable but I get to watch with limited commercials on

What I love?

The storyline- Before watching, I heard Kerry Washington was having an affair with the President. I was immediately turned off.  I was annoyed-a Black woman is leading a prime time show (that isn't the stereotypical reality show format) and then turn they around and discredit her morally. 

I got over it and was immediately drawn in during the first episode. It wasn't some one night stand talk show mess-they genuinely love each other and the First Lady is fully aware of this fact. I laugh as I type this-I just made an extramarital affair look okay. lol Anyway, that is more of a sub-plot and each episode features Washington's real work-cleaning up the scandals of DC politicians,  socialites, etc.

The clothes- I'm not a fashionista but I love how Washington's character is dressed for the show. Simple, elegant, classy :-)

Columbus Short- Sexy, intelligent *sigh*

The music- they play a lot of classic R&B and rock-Oh yeah!

Abby- She just says what the hell she wants and I live for that. lol

The chemistry- Strong many personalities and mystery surrounding each of them. I can't wait to see how Rhimes unfolds each character.

Did I say Columbus Short? :-)

I haven't watched Grey's Anatomy since they put George and Izzy together, and Private Practice was a snooze fest after season 1. Shonda Rhimes gets two thumbs way up for her latest effort.