People Insist On Giving You More When You Don't Want Anything

I went shopping with my mom last weekend. I really hate shopping...especially browsing.  I only went because my mom enjoys it and I wanted to spend time with her. 

She couldn't understand why a store like Bed, Bath & Beyond doesn't excite me.

"You love to cook. I can't believe you don't want me to buy you anything." She said.

"I don't see how any of these things will make me a better cook though." I smiled.

"Pick up something. Anything. I'm sure you want something here." After listening to that for about 10 minutes, I grabbed a stainless steel mixing bowl off the shelf.

I already have a mixing bowl but it sucks having only one when you're baking, since you usually need one for dry ingredients and another for wet ones.

Just as I was putting it into the cart, I noticed the $25 price tag and quickly put it back on the shelf.

I looked at her, "See, this is exactly why I don't like shopping."

She laughed.

After walking around the store for another 30 minutes (we actually ended up back in the Kitchen area) she asked me again to pick something out.


I settled on a $7 pie dish. I don't have one and figured it would be nice for pies & cobblers.


It's funny how things change.  As a kid, my mom's favorite word was "no" when we went shopping.  Now she's insisting that I get something.  Anything.