Semi-Unplug Update

I made it through the day and actually exceeded my expectations.

Patting myself on the back *all smiles* 


What I did:

Made this yummy raw vegan mango cobbler with the boys


*Read all of Courtney Carver's book

*Wrote several pages in my journal-mostly reflections from Carver's book and how I want to improve our lives

*Confirmed all details with the host for a vegan cooking party I'm doing this weekend

*Decluttered the chipmunks' closet-getting rid of winter clothes that are too small or no longer being used

*Wrote this blog post, my Get Into Action Wednesday post, worked on my $100 challenge conclusion post

*moved my desktop computer from the bedroom to the living room

*Started reading The Power of Habit -Very interesting so far

*Had a Earth Hour with the kids-where we ate tofu bites, played board games, and I watched them shadow box



Best of all, no Youtube, excessive email checking, social media or celebrity gossip.

I must do this more often.