Still Learning to SHUT UP...

I made a video about 3 weeks ago about learning to not talk so much about my plans and JUST DO IT. So far, I'm still talking too much. *Sigh* 

This short video by Derek Sivers proves that I just need to shut up and WORK. 

You literally KILL your goals by telling people what you're going to do. The validation that other people give you with "that's wonderful" and "I know you will do well" makes our brain think that you've always achieved the goal. Crazy.
I know Eric will be glad when I'm no longer rambling to him about my plans. lol

I don't expect perfection overnight (I've been yakking for years lol) but I know that being conscious about how much I share will help me reach all the wonderful goals I have planned. 

I'm heading over to 750words right now.  I have some yakking to do. lol

Have a great weekend!  

Check out ET!

Nope, not the 80s movie. I'm talking about Eric Thomas.

He's an amazing motivational speaker who brings it to you straight with no chaser. None of his principles are new but his delivery and own spin resonates with me.

Get Rich or Die Trying : The ET Formula....

1. Discover your gift

2. Perfect your gift-Don't be a copy cat

3. Give the gift away! 

I'm ready to start living by these 3 principles. I want to leave a legacy.

My gift? To inspire families to eat vegan meals together. 

I'm working on perfecting #2

If they're something you really want to accomplish in life, check out Eric Thomas for some motivation. Then start making a difference in your life and the lives of the people around you. :-)

Here's another video from him that I love... 

10,000 Subscribers! Can I Do It?

If you watch a lot of YouTube (like me) you probably already know who Shameless Maya is.

If you don't know, now you know.

Anyway, Maya started a challenge in 2012 to be shameless after being afraid to put herself out there.  Most of us can relate to that!

I found Maya right before she started her challenge on her old channel (can't remember the name) and followed her to the new one.

Here's the introduction video to being shameless!

I literally watched Maya go from 0 to 130,000 subscribers in ONE year! ONE YEAR!

I want to challenge myself to #beshameless too without feeling so weirded out by it.

 I don't get along with social media.  I feel so awkward and like I'm talking to myself on most of these networks. lol

I'm working on it though. I will continue to maintain a YouTube upload schedule, write on Brown Vegan weekly, meet people and open myself up for opportunities.  I feel so energized this week and want to do as much as I can to work on a strategy to just do me, boo!

My YouTube subscriber goal for 2013 is 5,000. I need to dream bigger and aim FOR 10,000.

Why not? #shruglife

I lose nothing if I don't meet this goal, so I might as well try it.

Are you shameless?

My Mantra for the Rest of 2013


I've spent the last couple of years not living up to my full potential because I was so concerned about what people would think.

"I can't say that because I would offend this group or that person"

"No one else is saying or doing that" and other thoughts like that consumed me.

I'm really working on truly putting myself out there without worrying about any of that. 

I finally embrace my voice. I want to stay true to my art.

Like Warhol says, "...while they're deciding, just keep making art."

Friday Inspiration

Dawn teaches people how to "seek, say & live the truth"

Quotes worth mentioning from the video...

"Relinquish the need to be perfect."

"No longer value the opinions of others when you know they don't line up with who you know you are."

"I'm successful because I don't give up."

"You are not the one person who harbors secrets.  You are not the only person who holds onto shame. It's not too late to heal. The hurt is not too deep to reach."

"As I release judgement and fear, I have no room for hate."

"Turn off the TV and end your addiction to being entertained by negativity."

"I know that people will continue to misunderstand you. It's okay."

"Misery doesn't deserve to look you in the eye and say 'hi' "

"What story in your head are you playing over and over again that you need to retire?"

"Take some time. Turn off your phone. Get away from social networking. Spend some time with yourself. Go outside. Smell some flowers. Talk to some people in real life."

"BE authentic. BE who your retweet. Be that Facebook status you share. The world deserves the best YOU. We're all waiting and we would love to meet you."

I didn't plan to quote nearly the whole video but it was just that good to me,.

Watch it when you get a chance. :-)