Still Learning to SHUT UP...

I made a video about 3 weeks ago about learning to not talk so much about my plans and JUST DO IT. So far, I'm still talking too much. *Sigh* 

This short video by Derek Sivers proves that I just need to shut up and WORK. 

You literally KILL your goals by telling people what you're going to do. The validation that other people give you with "that's wonderful" and "I know you will do well" makes our brain think that you've always achieved the goal. Crazy.
I know Eric will be glad when I'm no longer rambling to him about my plans. lol

I don't expect perfection overnight (I've been yakking for years lol) but I know that being conscious about how much I share will help me reach all the wonderful goals I have planned. 

I'm heading over to 750words right now.  I have some yakking to do. lol

Have a great weekend!