My Writing Sucks!


I didn't spend nearly as much time this summer living in the moment or exploring with my kids. Instead, majority of my time was in bed with my laptop, dealing with my inner turmoil.

Because of that, getting closer to my goal of becoming a better writer and vegan chef/coach was put on the back burner.

I haven't written my 1,000 words since early July. The bottom line is, my writing sucks and has for a long time. Even though I have a lot of ideas, I find myself not blogging on my main blog as often. When it comes to conveying those ideas on words don't come out as fluid, conversational, or well-researched as I would like. I have issues with sentence structure, punctuation, style, grammar.

Maybe I was a bit ambitious with the 1,00 words per day; considering that before that I didn't write more than a blog post or short entries in my journal. For now, I will lower my standard to 500 words per day.


While laying in the sand with the kids, I started reading a sample of Grammatically Correct since it was listed for only $1.99 (regularly priced at $9.99).

After reading this passage I immediately downloaded the book to my Kindle . Damn you, Amazon for making spending money too easy.

I know the process will be slow but I'm willing to do the work to get better.