Early Mornings

It was so hard to wake up early this morning...but I did it. I'm doing Jerry Seinfeld's productivity "secret" and I don't want to break my chain. I want my calendar to have blue (or black) x's for all of 2013. I will wake up early to read & write. Even if it's silly writing, I'm up early to do it. I'm planning to use this hack in other areas of my life but for now I'm up before or by 6 AM. Every single day.

Overall, it does make a world of difference to me. I read, slowly sip hot tea, work on projects (need to do this!), and most importantly write something...anything, in silence. 

Early mornings....no days off.

Vacations, weekends, sick days...I must get up and do the work. Even if only two lines, I must write every day.

No days off- "taking breaks will leave you broken and we can't fall"