750 Words

Have you used 750Words yet? I'm starting it when I wake up in the morning.

I tried writing a 1,000 words daily last summer and only lasted a couple of weeks.

Anyhoo, no need to dwell on that. Moving right along...

My goals:

*To get in the habit of writing daily

*Use it as a brain dump

*Hopefully get the creative juice to flows...more ideas & project for Brown Vegan & my family.


I caught on up on posts from Jeff Goins and feel motivated.

Start Today, Not Tomorrow I'm starting in the morning anyway lol I want to write while #thesekids are sleeping

Why Do You Need to Write Every Day


I'm up early anyway, might as well make the best of the time. 

Wish me luck. :-)

Update 1/12/12: I woke up this morning and did my 750words!