What Inspired Me Today

How Long Are You Going to Wait?

"They told you to get your resume in order, to punch your ticket, to fit in, and to follow instructions.

They told you to swallow your pride, not to follow your dream.

They promised trinkets and prizes and possibly riches if you would just suck it up and be part of the system, if you would merely do what you were told and conform.

They sold you debt and self-storage and reality TV shows. 

They sold your daughters and sons, too.

All in exchange for what would happen later, when it was your turn.

It's your turn." The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly?

1,000 Words Per Day

I remember reading on Chris Guillebeau's blog last year about him writing over 300,000 words per year.  I was intrigued but not enough to actually do it myself until very recently.


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I started that challenge last week and it isn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be.  I write approximately 4 pages each day.  Most of it is rambling in journal format but I STARTED.  Starting is always the hard part for me, so I'm proud of this achievement.

I write in my notebook or use Word on my laptop.

I don't know where writing will lead me but I do know it feels amazing.