#31 How A 30-Day Raw Cleanse Helped Lynne Start A Vegan Life | A Conversation with Lynne

I met Lynne several years ago online and since then we've had a chance to connect offline at local events. She's a big believer in balance...not only in food, but how she lives her life.

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We discussed:

  • How she was able to get rid of her high blood pressure medication after eating a mostly raw diet for 4 months
  • How she was able to get her husband to embrace vegan life
  • Why balance is so important in a vegan lifestyle
  • Her love of cooking and how she prepares her favorite dishes


"That month of raw food changed my life"

"Life is About Balance"

Vegan Tips:

Keep your meals simple

Start with Breakfast

How to Reach Lynne:





Resources Mentioned:

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Success Through Stillness by Russell Simmons

The China Study

Nu Vegan Cafe in DC

Evolve in DC

Great Sage in MD

Seoul Food in MD

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