#41 The 6: Lessons Learned From Being Vegan for 6 Years

In April, I celebrated 6 years as a vegan!  In this podcast episode, I share some of my lessons from the last 6 yrs and get candid about this misconception of a "perfect" vegan.

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Quick recap of the 6 lessons:

  • Didn't expect my family to get on board with me -- so grateful!
  • Cooking is required...especially if you have a family. Don't worry, I offered some advice and encouragement for this subject
  • You will get used to reading ingredient labels
  • You will find a vegan cheese that works for you -- so many options these days
  • Why this lifestyle hasn't been "perfect" for me
  • My struggle with losing and gaining weight 


Resources mentioned:


Vegan cheese brands mentioned: Heidi Ho, Field Roast, Miyoko's KitchenKite Hill & Daiya

Sistah Vegan book

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