#78 How to Go Vegan with A Spouse & Kids | A Convo with Black Mama Vegan


It's one thing to go vegan solo, but a whole other situation when you're ready to change your life with a family.

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In this podcast episode, I chat with Ambriel of Black Mama Vegan (wife and mom of four) about:

  • How to sneak in a couple of vegan meals a week.
  • Why it's such an advantage to go vegan when your children are very young.
  • How she was able to change her husband mindset around protein and "feeling full."
  • How she was able to get her teenage daughter on board *despite the multiple side eyes* lol
  • Why faux meat products are so helpful for new vegan families.

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Resources mentioned:

Daiya cheese

Follow Your Heart cheese

Nutritional yeast

Beyond Meat crumbles

Field Roast sausage


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