#91 From Drug Dealing to Herb Healing with Dr. Bobby Price


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Dr. Bobby Price is a certified plant-based nutritionist, exercise physiologist, and Doctor of Pharmacy. He has extensive clinical experience in the hospital setting, one on one patient contact in community pharmacy, and health care regulatory experience with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

After personally experiencing the healing powers of a plant-based lifestyle seven years ago, Dr. Price was inspired to adopt a more holistic approach to healing others. Since that time he has traveled the world studying with herbalists, shamans, and spiritual gurus learning the magical art of healing the mind, body, and soul. Now instead of filling synthetic prescriptions, Dr. Price uses plant-based foods, herbal medicine, and holistic techniques to help others restore their well-being.  - Bio credit

We chat about:

  • Dr. Price’s transition from an S.A.D diet to a healthy plant-based lifestyle.

  • Myths and solutions for vitamin deficiencies such as: B12, vitamin D, protein & iron.

  • Natural treatments for common ailments, such as: headaches, menstrual cramps, and stomach pain.

  • Dr. Price’s own meal planning process and where and how he shops.

  • Why you should ignore food advertising (on the front) and flip products over and look at ingredients instead.

  • The benefits of herbal detoxing, his detox program, and what results you can expect.

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Resources mentioned:


The Dorito Effect

Lov’n it Live (restaurant in ATL)

Dr. Sebi

Colloidal silver (for flu symptoms)

Tassili’s Raw Reality (raw vegan restaurant in ATL)

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