It's so important to have several go-to meals for when life gets busy. In the latest podcast, I share some of our meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Listen here...

Breakfast: Oatmeal with apples, medjool dates and cinnamon

Smoothies-if you don't have a high-powered blender, blend your leafy greens and liquid first. Then add in your frozen fruit and blend again. 

Grits with Earth Balance vegan margarine, salt, pepper & garlic powder

I also mentioned vegan wafflesvegan pancakestofu scramble (vegan version of scrambled eggs) and Field Roast sausage as other options for breakfast. 

Take some of your family's current favorite breakfasts and make a vegan version of it.

Lunch & Dinners: Spaghetti and tacos with Beyond Meat vegan beef crumbles

Lentil soup....here's a recipe and another one here 

Gardein crispy tenders with roasted potatoes and broccoli and/or corn

Vegan Pizza with Daiya cheese

Not mentioned in the podcast, but stir-fry is another go to meal for us.

Some options for eating on the go: Red Robin (they have a vegan burger), Chipotle (rice, beans, guac, lettuce, salsa, etc), the hot bar at your grocery store, and try to find a local restaurant that is vegan-friendly. Happycow.net has listings based on your zip code.

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