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#32 Vegan Celebrities, Picky Eaters and How Jenné Found Her Purpose When She Became A Vegan

It was a pleasure having Jenné of Sweet Potato Soul on the show to talk about her transition to vegan life.

We discuss:

  • How she decided to became a vegan after working in a vegetarian restaurant around ethical vegans
  • Why meat alternatives are helpful when you're transitioning to a vegan life 
  • Some of her favorite food/meals
  • Whether or not celebrity vegans help or cause more confusion in the vegan movement
  • How to help your picky eaters
  • Why she credits finding her purpose from going vegan

Listen here....

How to reach Jenné:





"Food affects you on so many levels - it heals you or destroys you."

"I will legit bring my own cake to events!" 


Resources Mentioned:

Peace Food Cafe in NYC

Veganist book

Vegucated documentary

Soul Veg restaurant in ATL

Beyond Meat & Gardein vegan chicken

Field Roast vegan products

Ezekiel sprouted bread

Beyonce's vegan delivery service

Good Karma Diet by Victoria Moran



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