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#22 What Should I Put On My Grocery List?

I get this question a lot...

"I'm going to the grocery store this weekend, what should I buy?"

In this podcast episode, I answer that question by going over the importance of a weekly meal plan and also talk about some of the most common ingredients on my our family's grocery list.

Listen here....

Recap from this episode:

*If you have a meal plan, you should only need to think about those items on that list while grocery shopping

*Invest 10 mins a day to look for recipes, so you're not overwhelmed with meal planning at the last minute - YouTube, Pinterest, cookbooks (I usually get mine from the library), and Instagram 

*Start a food journal to keep track of the recipes that you love-use a spiral notebook or software like Evernote to get started

*Items that are usually on my grocery list....

Resources mentioned in this episode:

My favorite homemade vegan burger recipe here

Other options for pre-packed vegan burger patties: Beyond Meat, Gardein & Field Roast brands 

Stuffed Bell Pepper recipe is here

Grocery haul playlist here...

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