#82 Just A Little Encouragement....

  • Start.

  • Don’t overthink it.

  • Do the best you can every.single.day.

  • Get clear on your why and make it happen!

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#81 Eating Vegan On the Go & Food Photography with Vegan Yack Attack


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We chat about:

  • How to be vegan on the go without eating out at restaurants.
  • An example of a full day of meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, dessert.
  • How Jackie was able to start her business with blogging on Tumblr, photography, and networking.
  • Simple food photography tips using a phone.
  • Cookbook writing

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#80 Ageless Vegan with Tracye & Mary McQuirter


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I stepped outside of my comfort zone and did my first podcast with two guests. It was worth it!

In this episode, I chat with Tracye & Mary McQuirter about their 30+ years of vegan life.

We discuss:

  • Why Mary McQuirter started her vegan journey at 50 years old (she's 81 now) and the positive changes that came with the lifestyle.
  • How Mary McQuirter was able to overcome overeating and a sugar addiction.
  • Why Tracye decided to write Ageless Vegan with her mom and how they came up with recipes together.
  • Tips on how to make vegan life long-term and practical.


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#79 Wellness & Building A Brand with Chelsea Williams from That's Chelsea


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We chat about (sooo much):

  • Why her thyroid disorder helped her start a wellness journey.
  • How she balances a full-time job and thriving brand.
  • When you know it's time to start charging brands for your work.
  • How to pitch brands for live events.
  • How to use Linkedin to stand out. 

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