don't break the chain

Did I Break the Chain in January?

Yes and no.

I started 750 words for the 1st time on Jan 12th

Yes, because there were a few days that I didn't wake up early or write my 750 words. I did get back on track instead of quitting though. :-)

February plans...

I will allow myself to sleep in one day during the weekend to reward myself for getting up early on the other 6 days.  For now, I will only do it one day because last weekend when I slept in on Sat & Sun, I had a hard time getting back on track for 4 days in a row!!!

I'm also planning to write out everything that I want to get done early each morning, so I can't have an excuse not to wake up early.


Adding 2 new chains for February....

I really want to learn and improve my photography, so I decided to take a pic a day.  No pressure. One photo is the only requirement.  

I plan to update my camera this year, so I want to spend time learning and getting the most out of that investment.  I want photography & videography to become a large part of my life.

The other chain is to read to #thesekids every night for 15 minutes. :-)

I feel like I'm off to a great start and can't wait to see all the amazing things I get done this year.