#23 6 Tips for Eating Out As A New Vegan

I love eating out and I don't let being a vegan slow that down for me.

In the beginning of this journey I did because it was just too much to think about and I didn't like asking the server a million questions. It feel like it was taking away from the experience. *sigh*

Anywho, like I said, I love eating out.

In this podcast episode, I give you tips to feel more comfortable about eating out at restaurants and family/work-related events. 

Quick recap:

  • Check out the restaurant’s menu online before you get to the restaurant
  • Use happycow.net to find vegan-friendly restaurants near you
  • Think about what the chef has in the kitchen
  • Don’t be afraid to make a meal out of side dishes 
  • Bring a dish to the event, so you’re guaranteed to have something to eat
  • Eat before you go and after you leave- keep emergency snacks in the car because life is too short to be hungry

Since I mentioned this this in the episode, here's a pasta salad recipe & potato salad recipe

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