#24 How to Serve Your Family An Affordable Organic Vegan Lifestyle | A Conversation with Saudia Green


In this episode I chat with Saudia about:

  • How her husband inspired her to research a vegan lifestyle
  • How & why she serves her family an organic diet
  • How she got her sons to embrace a vegan lifestyle
  • Why it's important to treat your meat alternatives like traditional meat

Saudia's tip for cleaning conventional (non-organic) produce: use a tablespoon of activated charcoal and water to clean the produce.

Check out Hey Fran Hey's video about how to do this here 

Resources mentioned:

Forks Over Knives

Earth Balance soy-free margarine  

Vegan Gourmet sour cream

Field Roast Chao cheese

Daiya cheese

Beyond Meat crumbles

The Complete Book of Juicing

Squeaky Green

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