#25 Stop Spending All Weekend On Meal Planning!

I received an email from a lady who said that she spends her whole weekend meal planning, prepping and cooking and how it was making her overwhelmed as a new vegan and has her thinking about quitting.

I remember those days and ain't nobody got time for that!

In this podcast episode, I share basic meal planning tips to save time and money. 

Listen here....

Recap from the episode:

  • One meal/theme for breakfast & lunch each week
  • Save all of your "real" meal planning for dinner -Where to find recipes? food blogs (here's my recipe page), Instagram, YouTube, cookbooks, Findingvegan.com
  • Think about meals that are easy for leftovers like red beans & rice, chili and....
  • Keep a food journal to track meals you like using a spiral notebook or software like Evernote 

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Add a convenience meal and a go-to meal for those days when you don't feel like cooking. Here are some of our family's go-to meals Also, here's a post about why go-to meals are so important.

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