#54 How to Vegan Meal Plan + Intersectional Veganism | A Convo with Natural Vegan Mama

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Good times with my girl Shawnte´ Parks on the podcast!

We covered so much in 30 mins (lol):

  • The importance of having a vegan community
  • It's okay to start over if you tried to go vegan before
  • Why intersectionality is important in veganism
  • Why vegan replacement products are helpful
  • Vegan meal planning for families
  • Why every vegan should have a YouTube channel and tips on how to start one.

Listen here....

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Resources mentioned:

Skinny Bitch

Cowspiracy (you can probably watch this on YouTube)

What the Health (watch on Netflix)

Aphro-ism by Aph Ko & Syl Ko

Black Vegans Rock

Beyond Burger

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