#53 How to Stay Motivated to Workout & Why Veganism is More Than Food | Convo with Tory Wiley


Tory Wiley, also known as Yorai Ben Adiel-Hebraic, has been a certified Holistic Personal Trainer for five years. He is intensely passionate about Holistic Health. Originally from Dimona, Israel, he now lives and practices in Atlanta Ga. Tory is young in age, yet very mature in spirit. He has an all-encompassing experience in the wellness field and has successfully operated his own fitness club for the past 4 years. Having followed a vegan LIVEIT (diet) for most of his life Tory practices what he teaches. He is a compassionate person and loves to help others set their personal health goals and achieve a healthy change in their lifestyles. He is also the CEO/Founder of LOJ FITCLUB, known as Lion of Judah Fitness Club. Over the past 4 years, he has built a healthy business which supports 12-15 full-time employees. He also offers consultancy, working with business owners to become mindful and dynamic entrepreneurs and develop righteous institutions.

We talked about...

  • How his experience as a child in a co-parenting situation led to veganism
  • His holistic approach to veganism -- emotional, physical and spiritual is just as important as the food you eat. 
  • How to stay motivated to workout
  • His love of raw food 

Listen to the full convo here...

Quote from convo:

"Change will only come from full immersion."

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