#59 Why Representation is So Important in the Vegan Movement | A Conversation with Herbanistic


It was so dope having my girl B on the show! We connected on Instagram a while ago, and I love talking to her offline about veganism and business (my fave subjects).

Listen here...

In our podcast episode, we discussed:

  • How she's using her blog and YouTube to show representation in the vegan community -- recipes and injustice
  • How to be vegan if you live in a food desert
  • Why veganism is a mindset and NOT just food
  • How our love of meat and dairy affects the rest of the world
  • Why you need to stop watching on the sideline and finally just go vegan!
  • Why you shouldn't let the internet food shame you

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Resources mentioned:

Sistah Vegan book

Sistah Vegan website


B's chicken & waffles recipe

B's lemon pepper wings recipe 


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