Even If You tried Before...Don't Give Up!

I was on Instagram Live the other day talking to my peeps (come follow me on there so we can connect, too!) about how and why they should start a vegan journey.

One of the ladies asked if it's normal to start and then "fall off the wagon" only after a few weeks.

This is pretty common! Maybe you can relate.

Before I became vegan in April 2010, I tried it earlier that year (around January), but only lasted about two weeks.

I lived on fruit, sunflower seeds and water during this time because I had no idea what to eat, cook, or how to vegan grocery shop.

I was sooo overwhelmed!

These days there are a million resources, ingredients replacements (homemade and store-bought) and support, so there's really no excuse to not incorporate healthier and more compassionate options.

Even if you tried to go vegan before, you should never give up!

Don't let these reasons stop you from going vegan:

*Meal planning and cooking is too time-consuming -- I can understand why this is a struggle for many people. We're all used to grocery shopping and cooking at some level - The problem is, most of us aren't used to writing a detailed meal plan and paying close attention to what we buy while grocery shopping.
This is the reason vegan life can feel time-consuming in the beginning. I promise once you get used to those uncomfortable feelings (by pushing passed them) and get into a routine, all of this will become easier. 

Related: Check out some meal planning tips here and here 


*Feeling like it has to be perfect circumstances to start -- I don't care what anyone says, it doesn't have to be all or nothing to get started on your vegan journey. It takes time to learn (and unlearn all the crap that we've been conditioned to believe), so just start.


*Too expensive -- Check out my podcast episode with tips on how to save some coins on your grocery bill here


*Feeling alone (no one in your real life is interested) --- You can find a community online, using meetup.com and even in private Facebook groups like we have in Zero to Vegan. Being around like-minded people will make the transition so much easier.

Action steps:

  • Get clear on your why and make the decision to be vegan
  • Be open to experimenting in the kitchen
  • Don't beat yourself up!


You've got this!

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March 2017 Intentions

March 2017 Intentions

Overall my February was blah. I will spare you the details and instead focus on making March a better month.

Update on My Intentions for February 2017:

  • Focus on ONE project at a time (my brain is spinning with so many ideas) DONE
  • Write detailed outline for vegan family course NOT DONE
  • Go for a 30-min walk Tuesdays & Tuesdays DONE
  • Make a therapy appointment NOT DONE
  • Pre-sale Simple Side Hustle workshop on This Biz Life site DONE

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Vegan Confessions: Thick Thighs, Oreos & Heavy Drinking

*Sigh* I thought about making this video for months.

Hitting "publish" on this video was very uncomfortable for me, but it had to be done.
Weight has always been a touchy subject for me. 
These days, I realize that being overweight is often the outer result of all the issues we deal with inside. 

For me, it's binge drinking, overeating and emotional eating.

The goal is to be better with self-care, self-love, being more in the moment and taking action to BE and FEEL happier.

I plan to share more of my weight loss journey as I move forward.

Watch the full video below...

Resources mentioned in the video:

The Daily Dozen app

True Life: I'm A Chunky Vegan video

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Is Pasta Vegan?

A few weeks ago someone asked me whether or not pasta is vegan, so I want to answer that question right here.

The way this vegan life is set up, you can make everything vegan. Seriously.

Ice cream. Cake. Pizza. Scrambled Eggs. And yes, pasta.

The great news -- most of the pasta brands in the regular grocery store aisle is already vegan -- made out of just wheat and water.

On my YouTube channel, I did a review of pasta made out of black beans. I swear they have everything these days. lol

Others options for vegan pasta are ones made out of: 

  • Quinoa (my fave)
  • Spelt
  • Brown rice
  • Corn
  • Lentils
  • Black beans

The black bean pasta featured in this video is made by Explore Cuisine. I was able to find it in the natural section of a regular grocery store.

When buying pasta, be sure to always check the ingredient list because some brands contain eggs. Fresh pasta in the refrigerated section of the grocery store and at authentic Italian restaurants usually contain eggs.

Need a couple of quick meals featuring pasta for this week?

Spaghetti recipe here


I hope this is helpful!

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